Expert Advice: Nevada Presley with Get Fresh Memphis

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September 10, 2012 by cookwithjennifer

Nevada Presley (in black) and her Get Fresh Memphis partner Holly Guthrie

Nevada Presley 

Nevada Presley is a dear friend and a Certified Natural Foods Chef. She worked at Whole Foods Market and Allegro Coffee Company in the Rocky Mountain Region for 10 years before attending culinary school at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado. A successful career selling delicious wholesome food helped inspire her to pursue her passion for cooking and creating healthful meals.  She and her biz partner Holly Guthrie founded Get Fresh Memphis, a vegetarian prepared foods business, last year.

Top 3 Words of Advice for those new to Vegetarianism:

#1      Remember to mix your grains and beans! Whenever you do, you get a complete protein. For example, if you add black beans to your Mediterranean Quinoa recipe, you’ll have a complete protein.

#2     Eat Breakfast

#3     Avoid processed food. And remember that a lot of breads are processed.  Ezekiel bread is my first choice.

Favorite Food: “I love lettuce! Arugula, frisee, green leaf, red leaf … I like to mix it up.”

Favorite Breakfast: “My favorite breakfast is something with beans! Beans are filling and a protein. If I eat other things like plain oatmeal, I am hungry by 10am.

We are the only country that has specific breakfast foods. In other parts of the world, folks just eat what they are hungry for.  So eat what you want! ”

Recommended Snacks: “I have been loving these Roasted Seaweed Snacks I found at CostCo. Raw nuts and apples with cashew butter are also good choices for snacks on the go.

Tempeh can also make a great snack. Slice it up, fry it in a little oil, and sprinkle with Bragg’s Amino Acid. It’s like eating chips! Plus it’s packed with soy isoflavones.” 

Favorite Cookbooks:  “I’m really into Veganomican these days. How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman is a great resource. I also really like Everyday Greens by Annie Somerville.”

Favorite Blogs: “Check out Post Punk Kitchen . It’s the folks who wrote Veganomicon.”


Twitter: @GetFreshMemphis and @NevadaP


Photo from a story about Get Fresh Memphis in The Commercial Appeal.


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